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Be Involved

Sign the Pledge

The first thing you can do to help is to sign the pledge and make a statement of your personal opposition to airport expansion.

A Pledge of Personal Opposition to Airport Expansion

“I am strongly opposed to the Government’s plans for airport expansion. I agree with the many others opposing this policy:

  • the environmental scientists who warn of the severe impacts of air transport on global climate change and local air quality;
  • the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution, the Environmental Audit Committee, and the Sustainable Development Commission, which strongly oppose the expansion plans;
  • the many independent organisations, transport experts, and respected think-tanks, which make the case for reducing demand and promoting the potential of rail;
  • the local residents defending their houses, lands, and communities.

In the event that the Government chooses to ignore this widespread and well-informed opposition, and refuses to back away from its expansion policy, I will take personal action to block airport expansion and to prevent companies from supporting and funding it.”

After you sign the Pledge, we will send you an email straight away welcoming you and telling you about what is already happening. We will also give you a registration number and link so that you can always find your personal statement on the website. The pledge campaign will occasionally send you new contacts and information about the campaign against airport expansion and ways that you can take personal action.


Be a local organiser

You can help us by distributing paper pledges in your area. Please contact us for details.

The paper version of the pledge is available to download in colour or black & white.

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