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Our campaign

The Airport Pledge is founded and managed by a coalition of organisations in the UK campaigning against airport expansion. It was launched in October 2004 by a coalition of environment, transport, and airport campaign groups.

Opposing the government’s plans to expand airports, we believe that there are far more effective ways to manage the rapidly growing demand for air transport. The case against airport expansion is a strong one. From local air and noise pollution to global climate change, the consequences of the level of expansion planned by the UK government would be catastrophic.


Our objectives

  • To provide a place where people can register their opposition to airport expansion and become linked with campaigns and activities
  • To show the size and strength of opposition that the government will face if it tries to force its plans through. We want the government to recognise that there are very high political risks in taking on this issue
  • The pledge specifically includes financiers and construction companies. We want them to realise that the scale of the opposition creates a level of risk and cost that makes airport expansion a very poor investment
  • To unite the groups and people campaigning against airport expansion and provide them with a means to reach active people directly
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