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Traveling from North America to another continent requires two modes of transportation.

Yes! You will primarily need to fly on an airplane and go onboard a Boat at the latter part. Or you can also choose to go entirely by plane or by sea. These methods will soon get you to the place that you want to reach. However, these two have different advantages and disadvantages.

But if you come to think of it, marine vessels/boats and ships have been crossing oceans for over hundreds if not thousands of years carrying both passengers and goods in them while planes have been bringing passengers overseas for only a few decades. From this alone, you can have some ideas of the varied flavors that both of these ways of traveling provide.

Below are some of the things that you need to be mindful about as you choose which way to take (either by sea or by air) on your next overseas trip!

Travel Time Boat vs Plane

The biggest difference between air and sea travel is the amount of time that it would take for you to reach your destination. Most international flights just take a few hours while longer flights take only longer than a day which involves layovers and connecting flights.

When compared to a travel by a ship, it takes multiple days before you reach the place that you want to go especially if it’s an overseas location.

For instance, a Transatlantic cruise takes around four to five days on average while a plane trip from New York City towards London would only take about 11 to 12 hours. Now that’s a big difference in travel time so if you’re in hurry to reach your destination then taking a plane is the best option for you!

Cost of Traveling on Boat vs Airplane

In terms of cost, commercial sea travel is a bit more expensive when compared to commercial air travel. A flight from New York City to London would cost mostly less than $1,000 but a cruise from the same location to London costs up to two or three times higher.

However, if you’re not hasting to reach London and you have skills that can be used in the Ship/Boat during the cruise then you can get on board a commercial vessel as a hand so you can sail for free. This option isn’t available in airlines on the other hand. Most airline jobs require extensive training which takes a long time.

If you’re in the search for a cheaper way of cruising across the Atlantic then you can look into freighter ships which offering a limited number of berths in each crossing. Accommodations would be basic in this case but they are comfortable.

Costs start at under 100 Euros a day. If you’re carrying the American dollar then cost would vary depending on the exchange rate.


Both modes of transportation are statistically considered as safe methods in traveling overseas. In 2010, there was only one accident per 1.6 million flights on average. Accidents involving Cruise Ships, on the other hand, are harder to monitor because not every country is required to report naval accidents to a single worldwide governing body. Most Ships and Boats are maintained in a Timely fashion at the Port they are docked in and sometimes Boat Parts or Accessories are Shipped in from companies to Fix any necessary issues that arise on the Water.

The unofficial recorded count by the International Maritime Organization is more than 1,600 naval cruise ship fatalities in 2010 alone.

Just note one thing: once you’re on a plane accident, there are very limited things you can do to survive.

However, on a cruise ship, you have higher chances of surviving provided you follow all the rules for safety. Accidents happen without prior notice but being prepared is the key that you can use in order to survive. There have been plenty of naval accidents where most passengers make it back to shore alive and safe.

Reasons for Use

People have varied reasons why they travel but most of the time, they fly to their destination for only one reason – to get there as quickly as possible. There are those who love flying however, it is rare to see a passenger who would purchase a plane ticket just to experience air travel. Air travel is currently the fastest way for passengers to reach a certain destination.

Those who choose to travel via a cruise ship are mostly on vacation and are taking the time they spend on the cruise ship as a mode of unwinding and relaxation. Most cruise ships are large and have hotels as well as other amenities such as clubs, bars, casinos, restaurants, and entertainment is available round the clock.

These things are not available on a flight. Air travel is often considered as a means to an end but a cruise ship is already that end in itself.

Even a travel by sea on a freighter can be part of the vacation and a different kind of adventure as the ship would take even longer to reach its destination depending on the ports that it needs to pass through.


Traveling by plane would involve hours of sitting down with the least number of frills and travel experience possible. Some airline companies offer snacks in the form of a tiny pack of chips, a glass of water or a can of soda mostly for shorter flights.

For international flights that take longer to arrive at the destination, a small sandwich box may be offered for purchase. For first-class passengers, drinks and meals are offered but the experience isn’t a lot different from those who are in the Economy class.

There are airlines that offer reclining seats that turn into beds and other seven turn into small cabins which contain high-tech amenities but these are exceptions and not the rule in most flights.

Flights only contain the basic necessities a passenger might have such as restrooms and a bit of leg space so you can do short strolls on the aisle. But most of the time, you will be instructed to go sit on your chair and have your seatbelt fastened.

In the case of cruise ships, a passenger can enjoy almost everything! Food, entertainment, drinks, spas, and many other luxurious amenities are available whole day round. Cruise ships also have excursion activities and a wide variety of things to enjoy.

Comfortable bed, accommodation and plenty of space to move and stroll around are also widely available. You would enjoy virtually everything that you would find in a high-end hotel.


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