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Below is the name and personal statement of opposition to airport expansion of everyone who has signed the pledge.

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No. Name Statement
4768 Steve I am opposed to the building of any new airports and any expansion to existing airports due to the devastating environmetal impact which would be caused by an increase in noise, air pollution, congestion, damage to natural wildlife habitats and damage to the health of people, flora and fauna. 
4767 Expanding airports is a terrible idea. Land will be lost, and more greenhouse gases will be emitted. We need to limit such reckless behaviour at once. 
4766 Richard the sceptic Airport expansion means ever more noise, pollution, congestion, and dependence on fossil fuels. Short haul flights are particularly inefficient and should be phased out, not encouraged. 
4765 I do not agree with airport expansion 
4764 Rebecca In a day and age when we should be reducing how much we fly, it is rediculous to then expand airports. 
4763 Phil This government claims to be the greenest government yet. It should be directing money into lower emission forms of transport, and not supporting an already bloated aviation industry. 
4762 Susan Kennedy I am opposed to the expansion of airports and the aviation industry. We should be looking to alternative means of transport. I am campaiging against a night flights proposal from Manston Airport as I campaigned against the 3rd runway at Heathrow. I have not taken a holiday by plane for 4 years. 
4761 Flying is a major and growing contributor to climate change. My personal action, which I plan to continue indefinitely, consists of NEVER FLYING--and believe me, for someone like me who has always enjoyed exotic travel, it isn\'t easy. But I\'ve kept it up since 2005. 
4760 David I live in Weston super Mare and in recent months my life has been made a misery by aircraft noise particularly early in the morning when there is little background noise. Aircraft fly over the town from before 6.00 in the morning and after 6.00 seem to fly overhead every 10 to 15 minutes making it impossible to sleep after 6.00. As loud noise also occurs up to 11.30 at night I have found it impossible to get agood night\'s sleep. My house is double glazed but this does not keep out the noise. I have now ordered secndary double glazing for my bedroon which is going to cost nearly 1400. Is it really necessary to route aircraft over the town at these sensitive times? 

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