Why You Should Oppose Heathrow Airport Expansion

The proponents of airport expansion at Heathrow believe that there is a need to grow its capacity by adding a runway and a terminal. But have they considered how this move will affect the environment and the local residents living near the airport?

The Airport Pledge lists down the arguments against expanding Heathrow Airport.

Higher CO2 and NO2 emissions

With the airport expansion, Britain will just contribute to the warmer climate caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. According to the Airport Commission, by 2040, aviation emission will be about 24% of all CO2 emissions in the UK. This can make Heathrow the largest source of CO2 in the country.

No need for an additional runway

The two existing runways at Heathrow, on their own, can accommodate so many weekly international flights, about close to a thousand.

Also, more sustainable alternatives can be explored. There are locations in the UK such as the Thames Estuary that can be constructed with an airport.

A lot of residents will be affected

There is already a high population of dwellers, with more than 700,000 residents under the flight path.

Traffic problems

Increasing airport capacity by constructing an additional runway will make the airport swarmed by more cabs, cars, and buses because of the influx of passengers. Obviously, that will mean more air and noise pollution in the area. Congestion on the airport roads to the terminal will also be an issue.

The Airport Pledge enjoins everyone to join the opposition against airport expansion in the UK. It is not the only option for the problems it is designed to solve. If your belief is aligned with ours, show your support by signing our Pledge. Please contact Scott Morton at info@airportpledge.org.uk for more details.

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